Year of composition: 2012-19

A 3D multimedia project commissioned by CPR Liceo 'La Paz'.

Length: 68 minutes

Instrumentation: solo theremin, solo soprano, choirs, virtual ensemble, large symphonic band, soundtrack -played through headphones- & optional modern dancers.

Opus 11 - AA112016


PART I: The Lost Isle

i. Prologue: from the darkness to ...

ii. Plato's myth: distant storms / ancient voices

iii. The expedition: after Ignatius Donnelly ...

iv. Last blank space on the map

v. Discovering Atlantis: the lost isle

vi. Epilogue: Part I

PART II: The Temple of Poseidon

vii. Sounds from inside of the earth: remembering the past

viii. Water rings and primitive ritual

PART III: The Cataclysm

ix. ... and the earth starts to tremble ... / Earthquake!

x. Destruction of the Temple of Poseidon

xi. Evacuating Atlantis / a glimpse of hope

xii. Tidal wave! / destruction of Atlantis

xiii. ... thousands of corpses floating in the ocean ...

xiv. A new beginning

xv. Epilogue: to the darkness from ...

Digital edition:

Digital edition in PDF includes the score, parts, pre-recorded tracks and Cubase Set-up for the virtual ensemble (VST). For more information, please, contact us through:

Click on instrumentation to display the whole set of the piece.

Click on cover to display a demo of score.